Dold Campaign Releases New TV Ad “Sophie”

Dold Campaign Releases New TV Ad “Sophie”

For Immediate Release – October 17, 2016

Lake Bluff, IL – The Dold Campaign today released a new television ad that will appear on broadcast and cable called “Sophie.”  The ad features Round Lake mom, Lisa Weiss, and her daughter Sophie.

Sophie experienced more than 500 debilitating seizures each day and battled them back with a variety of pharmaceuticals – some which came with significant negative side effects.  Sophie struggled to walk, talk and enjoy life with her twin sister and family.  Lisa heard about a natural therapy called CBD oil that was helping other children suffering from serious neurological disorders, but a federal law made it impossible for Lisa to access this oil in Illinois.

She turned to Bob Dold for help.

Bob Dold served as Sophie’s champion in Washington, working in a strong bipartisan fashion to help Sophie, and children like her all across the country, have access to lifesaving and life-changing therapies.

Because of the oil Sophie is going to school, playing with her friends, engaging in conversations – doing really what every 10-year-old is able to do.

“Bob stood up for Sophie and thousands of kids like her to ensure that they can have access to lifesaving treatments – he’s a superhero in Sophie’s eyes.  As a mom, I can’t imagine supporting anyone other than Bob Dold because we need more leaders like him in Congress to be a champion our children,” said Lisa.

The transcript of the ad is below and can be viewed by clicking here.

Lisa – “Sophie probably had well over 500 seizures a day.  We were desperate for anything that would work.”

Reporter – “There’s a new option in Illinois for children who suffer epilepsy.”

Reporter – “Patients can’t get it under federal law”

Reporter – “A Chicago area mom pleads for help.”

Lisa – “Bob told us he was going to help with the federal legislation. It wasn’t an empty promise.  He stood behind us.”

Bob – “Lisa is a mom trying to make her child’s life better, and I wanted to make sure Washington didn’t get in her way.”

Lisa – “When we needed him, Bob Dold was there.  I almost always vote a Democratic ticket, but I’ll be voting for Bob Dold.”

Bob – “I’m Bob Dold and I approve this message.”

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