Chicago Jewish Star Endorses Bob Dold for Re-Election

Chicago Jewish Star Endorses Bob Dold for Re-Election

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 21, 2016

Board notes that Dold is a balanced, principled voice for the 10th District and strongly endorses his candidacy

Lake Bluff, IL – After receiving the endorsement from the Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, and Chicago Sun Times, Bob Dold also received the endorsement of the Chicago Jewish Star today over Brad Schneider in the IL-10 race for U.S. Congress.

The editorial board pointed to Dold’s hard-working, balanced demeanor and his out-spoken opposition to the Iran nuclear deal as an important differentiator between Dold and partisan opponent Brad Schneider, and a key reason for their endorsement.

The full text of the endorsement is below:

We endorsed Robert Dold in his last two contests against Democrat Brad Schneider to represent the 10th District. We strongly endorse him again.

We do that because in office, Mr. Dold has projected a hard-working, balanced demeanour which, as promised, is driven by an independent streak.

And a principled one, too. Over the years he has not deviated from his well-argued support for Israel, which included his out-spoken opposition to the Iran nuclear deal.

Unlike other Republicans who do little more than express verbal support for Jewish and Israeli causes, Mr. Dold has a caring nature about him which has expressed itself, for example, in his quietly helping out for several years at the regular Maot Chitim events at which food parcels are prepared for the Jewish needy.

Mr. Schneider got himself into trouble last year with Democrat ideolouges Abner Mikva, Adlai Stevenson III, and others when he failed to tow the party line on Iran.

But in this election cycle he has explicitly cast his fate with Pres. Obama, not a recommendation for the 10th District, known for its highly praised moderates like John Porter or Mark Kirk.

There aren’t many representatives we would say this about, but we like Mr. Dold and wish there were more individuals like him in Congress.

“I am so proud to be endorsed by the Chicago Jewish Star who again recognized my record of independent leadership that puts our community and families first and strengthens the security of the U.S and our greatest ally, Israel. I’m dedicated to continuing to lead in a bipartisan fashion in the next Congress,” said Dold.

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