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Chicago Tribune Endorses Bob Dold for Re-Election

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce

"Bob Dold is a proven, effective problem solver who is not afraid to reach across the aisle to get things done in Illinois’ 10th District.…

Chicago Sun-Times

"The 10th District leans strongly toward the let’s-make-a-deal middle, as does Bob Dold. Congress needs more of that. We urge a vote for Dold over…

Chicago Tribune

"[We] value his independent approach—he’s one of the few Republicans who has been willing to cross the aisle when he thinks it’s in the best…

Daily Herald

"At a time when Congress seems increasingly frozen in partisan gridlock, it seems more important than ever to elect representatives who are willing to work…

Human Rights Campaign

“Bob Dold has stood up for the right of LGBT Americans to live their lives free from fear of discrimination, and he demonstrated true leadership..."…






Keeping Americans Safe

Fostering Job Growth

Advancing Bipartisan Solutions

Strengthening Our Schools

Protecting the Environment

Increasing Government Accountability

Keeping Americans Safe

The Tenth Congressional District has a long history of committed focus on matters of national security, foreign policy and a deep recognition of the need for strong American leadership in the global community.  Perhaps now more than ever, as radical Islamic terrorist groups like ISIS continue to grow in strength and the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism—Iran—has been giving a clear path towards building nuclear weapons as a result of the Obama Administration’s disastrous pact with Tehran, our country and our community needs a representative who is committed to always making America’s security and the security of our allies, like Israel, a top priority. I have always and will always gladly embrace that responsibility as the Tenth Congressional District’s voice in Congress.

Fostering Job Growth

A quality job is the engine that drives a family, a community and our economy. A job allows us to care for ourselves, raise and educate our children, and give back to those who are not able to care for themselves.

Creating quality jobs requires a marriage of two basic components — the fostering of a pro-business environment that attracts employers to invest in our communities and an education system that is in tune with those businesses and the skills needed for the jobs of today. As a local small business owner, I have seen firsthand that if either of these components falls short, we end up with a skills gap between those seeking work and available jobs.

Advancing Bipartisan Solutions

People are rightfully frustrated with Washington insiders who often seem more interested in fighting than actually listening to the American people and finding pragmatic solutions.

As a small business owner, I go to work every day with a customer service-oriented mentality of doing what is necessary to get the job done. In business and in government, we can get more done when we work together to identify areas of common ground and potential.

I take tremendous pride in the fact that I’ve consistently been ranked among the most bipartisan, independent and effective Members of Congress.  The voters of the Tenth Congressional District should demand nothing less.

We are a better, stronger nation when we can all come together and find common ground, and at the end of the day, there is so much more that we agree on than disagree on.  I remain committed to amplifying the voice of the voters in our district by putting people before politics to make bipartisan progress for our country.

Strengthening Our Schools

As a father of three, educating our children is a priority for my wife Danielle and I, just as I know it is for parents, educators and businesses throughout our community.  An educated workforce is the foundation of a strong economy and a prosperous nation.  Education is the greatest source of opportunity, which can help Americans get back to work and equip future generations to lead.   I believe parents, educators, and local administrators are best equipped to make decisions that impact their local schools and their local students.  Education decisions should be made here, rather than by federal testing and cumbersome mandates that hurt our classrooms more than they help.  One of the achievements that I’m most proud of in Congress is helping to pass a historic, bipartisan education reform bill signed into law by President Obama that will restore local control and reduce federally mandated testing.

Protecting the Environment

As an avid outdoorsman and Eagle Scout, I know firsthand the critical importance of strong conservation and bedrock environmental programs that protect our nation’s vast natural lands and resources.  I have been a leader in the fight to protect the environment and a vocal advocate for clean air, clean water, the protection of our national parks, and of endangered species.  Twice I have been honored to receive recognition for my efforts by the Wilderness Society, Sierra Club, and National Conservation Lands Foundation with the “America’s Great Outdoors Congressional Champion Award.”

Increasing Government Accountability

All Americans deserve an honest government that is working toward the common good rather than individual gain. The unfortunate reality in our state, if not our nation at large, is that too many politicians are serving themselves instead of the public.

Having been consistently ranked as one of the most independent, bipartisan members of Congress, I always have and always will put people before politics.  Yet sadly, far too many of our elected officials—including the Tenth Congressional District’s member of Congress whom I replaced after the 2014 election—have been fueled by bitter partisanship and a focus on serving themselves rather than serving the public.



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